R5 Air Displays Ltd has over 50 years of experience in the world of Flying Displays and Airshows, both in the UK and abroad.  

The addition of a flying display at your event, whether public or private, can add that extra bonus, spectacle and memory for your guests. It can help attract extra visitors, increasing ticket sales, media presence and reputation. Flying Displays are the second biggest spectator event in the UK,  with millions of people attending events large and small each year.

From a simple flypast at your wedding, business event, or family get together to a full airshow by a number of aircraft, we can help you add a touch of airborne sparkle to your event. 

If you need help in planning your event, from logistics to Emergency plans, we have the expertise to assist you, liaising with Safety experts and emergency services.

R5 is proud to be a member of the British Air Display Association and European Airshow Council and as such abides by the codes of conduct of each body: