R5 Air Displays has a host of experience in air display and special event management.  Flying Displays are a huge draw for large events as a one off item or full airshow, or that spectacle for your small private event.  From daytime to evening displays with Pyrotechnics, we can turn your ideas into reality.

R5 has a long and proven history, spanning decades, drawing on our own expertise, as well as wider team, creating a wide network within air display community, both in the UK and much further afield. Ensuring you get the most from your event is key to our success and understanding your needs is at the very heart of our company.

R5 is proud to be a member of the British Air Display Association and European Airshow Council and as such abides by the codes of conduct of each body:

We also wish to promote the work of CHIRP and support their initiatives in a bid to ensure high standards in Aviation Safety and learning: