R5 are pleased to be able to offer the following services for your event:


Full Flying Display Management Package

We can tailor a package to your event that takes all the pressure off you as the event organiser, from planning to quote gathering, selection, pre display management and of course, making sure things run safely and smoothly on the day.

Flying Display Consultancy

If your not sure what to do or would like assistance in adding a display to your event, we will be able to help advise and get you off to a flying start. Whether helping with your existing event or assisting you with a risk assessment , pleas let us know and we will be happy to help.

Provision of Accredited FDD / FCC members

Emergency Planning and Exercising

A unique service we can offer is to help you create your Emergency and Business Continuity plans for your event. Through our partners at Blue Sky Resilience, who are specialists in working with Emergency Services and Incident management, they can create, review and help you exercise your plans, to ensure they are fit for purpose, with an independent eye.  

Air to Ground Radio

We have a number of qualified and licensed Air Ground Radio Operators, with many years of experience. If you need to speak to aircraft for your event, we can provide the service for you. If you dont have a frequency from Ofcom, we will need at least 60 days notice to ensure a frequency is allocated, by the regulator.

Media Design

We can assist in the creation of promotional materials, posters, flyers and logos for you.