All our Flying Display Directors (FDD) are acredited through the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Military Aviation Authority to requisite levels.


Company Directors

Roger Steele
Company Director
UKCAA / MAA Tier 3 FDD & Mentor
Roger began his aviation journey within a University Air Squadron, learning to fly in his late teens. He joined the Royal Air Force a few years later as an Air Traffic Control Officer, retiring as a Squadron Leader, having spent time working across the UK, Germany, Falklands and deployed on operations. His work led to his involvement with the RAF Waddington International Airshow, whilst working as the Deputy Senior Air Traffic Control Officer, before moving onto the RAF Events Team, where he was responsible for RAF Display assets tasking at events in the UK and abroad. Upon retiring he joined the RAF Waddington International Airshow Team as the Flying Display Coordinator, moving to run his own company as a Flying Display Director at various events across the country. Roger has been the FDD for a number of events in the United Kingdom, including the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and worked on several events in China. 

Charles Skiera
Company Director
Charles’ interest in airshows goes back to his childhood and as a cadet with the RAF Air Cadets was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks with the Red Arrows, achieving a goal early in life with a flight with the team. He supported the RAFGSA’s Glider Display, Team Condor at various shows, before joining the RAF Waddington International Airshow team in 2002, working in various roles, but mainly in the flying display coordination roles until 2015 when the airshow finished. His flying experience started at age 12 and largely stems from the Gliding world and light aircraft flying. He went onto become a Flying Display Director for various events around the UK. He joined the R5 team in 2017 as a Director.  Charles is also the Executive of the European Airshow Council, the representative body for the airshow industry and community in Europe and a member of the British Air Display Association Committee.  He also brings knowledge of Police operations and Emergency Service and security through his roles within the Police Service.

Team Members

Any event relies on a team to make it work and airshows are very much the same. We have a team of trusted, experienced and knowledgeable individuals we are proud to work with and call them part of our team. Each one brings a wealth of experience and individual skills to make our events and displays run smoothly and effectively!  

Mike Wood
Company Founder
& FDD Mentor
Mike formed R5 in 2000 and was its sole Director until December 2017. Having had a long career with the Royal Air Force as a Pilot, he left at the rank of Wing Commander. His flying tours saw him fly many different types of aircraft, including the Lightning and Phantom, Gnat and Hawk and  also on an exchange tour with the Royal Australian Air Force as a QFI at the RAAF Central Flying Shcool. It was during this time that Mike served as a pilot with the RAAF’s aerobatics team in 1982, The Roulette’s, as Roulette 5, where the R5 company name comes from. Since retiring from the RAF, Mike has organised and orchestrated a number of large and small airshows across the UK and in China.  He is now a Consultant with the company and continues to be a Flying Display Director for several events.

Paul Smith
& FCC Member
Paul has joined the RAF as an engineer, later leaving to become a helicopter pilot in the civil world. Paul has flown a number of different types in various roles including Police Air Support and more recently as the Chief Pilot of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance. Paul is currently the Chief Pilot for Unifly on the AW169 on offshore support in the UK.  He is currently type rated on both the MD902 Explorer and the brand new Leonardo AW169.

Dave Kane
& FCC Member
Dave has a long history within the RAF as Pilot, flying many different types, most notably the Harrier GR5, GR7 and GR9. Retiring as a Wing Commander from the Regulation branch of the Military Aviation Authority, Dave returned to the air as a Reservist QFI on the Grob Tutor, teaching both University Air Squadron and RAF Air Cadets to fly.

Phil Winterbottom
& FCC Member
Phil has been flying light aircraft and classics for many years. He has experience of many airshows across the UK and further afield. He recently qualified as a Tier 2 FDD, following his accreditation course in January 2019.

Roger Metcalfe
& FCC Member
Roger is from a military background with a keen interest in airshows and events management.  Although a relative newcomer to the airshow world, it provides a unique chance to look at things through a different set of eyes, perspectives and approaches. He is currently an Accredited Tier 1 FDD, building his experience to hopefully upgrade to Tier 2 in the future.

Rod Dean
FCC Member
Rod has many years of aviation experience, both as a display pilot, organiser, Flying Display Director and Flying Control Committee member. In a wide and ranging career both in the Military and civil world, Rod brings a huge amount of knowledge and experience to airshows.

Peter Sinclair
FCC Member
Peter retired from an RAF Career in the Air Traffic Branch, but has maintained his links with the military through the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association, supporting  them as an active member. He has worked as both FDD and FCC for a number of years at various airshows and brings a wealth of knowledge to the role. 

Kath Fisher
FCC Member
Kath is a former RAF Air Traffic Control Officer, with a keen passion in aviation, working as a Tactical Flight Officer within NPAS. She has a keen interest in airshows and events. Her Emergency Services experience is also a major support to joint working at events.

Ed Elton
FCC Member
Ed is a former RAF Pilot and QFI having flown various aircraft types during his career. He has been good friends with Mike Wood for a number of years having served with him in the military. Ed acts as a member of the Flying Control Committee, applying his knowledge and skills to assist in the monitoring of display safety at a number of events each year.

Stu Reid
FCC Member
Stu’s career is wide and varied from flying Fast Jets, both Jaguar and Tornado GR1, before flying the E3D Sentry. During his time on the E3, he joined the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight as a Dakota and Lancaster Pilot, finishing off his time with the BBMF as the Bomber Lead. 

Clive Rowley
FCC Member
Clive is a former RAF Air Defence Pilot having flown a number of types including the Tornado F3. One of his later postings in the RAF was to be becoming the Officer Commanding the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, allowing him to continue flying the flight’s Chipmunks, Spitfires and Hurricanes. He then took charge of No7 Air Experience Flight, giving Air Cadets the chance to experience flying light aircraft in the Grob Tutor. 


A commentator is a huge part of your event, its the link between you and the public for day to day information, but also your last line of defence in an emergency situation. Airshow Commentary requires level headed and informed people and we are pleased to work with a selection of great commentators.

Ben Dunnel
Ben is a hugely accomplished Commentator, publisher and editor of aviation books and magazines. He has worked on some of the largest and best airshows in the world. He is truly passionate about aviation, reflected in his informative and extremely knowledgeable commentary.  
Max Couch
Commentator & FCC Member
By day a Pilot and flying instructor and by weekend an airshow commentator and Tier 1 FDD. Max is also a Crew Resource Managment instructor and Radio examiner.  He has a great knowledge of aviation, flying techniques and whitty and entertaining repertoire to keep the public informed and engaged. 
Tim Callaway
Tim is both an acomplished author and editor of aviation books and magazines. His Aviation links date back many years in the air traffic world, safety and currently as a Flight Information Service Officer at Denham Airfield. He has been a commentator for many years, most recently being the voice of the Shuttleworth Collection displays and ILA Berlin.