Onward and Upward

With 2018 now fading into the blue, but some great memories, we are busy looking and working on 2019. With a number of displays confirmed, some great new projects still in the planning, it looks to be busier than ever.

Winter is always a busy admin period, with all team members working on various items for their respective shows, but also in much wider circles. Roger Steele has joined the Civil Aviation Authority’s Air Display Focus group, along with Mike Wood. Charles Skiera has been busy with work for the British Air Display Association and preparing the Convention for the European Airshow Council in Athens.

2019 looks like a great year, even with the Red Arrows venturing to the USA, it will create some great opportunities for other display acts to join a number of shows. Plus its great to welcome back for the final time, the RAF Tucano display, before the type leaves service next year. We are now waiting in anticipation to see where the military will be sending their assets, so we can begin to feed out who will be appearing where and when.

In the meantime, we hope you have a great 2019, see you around the circuit!