2 Days to go until the first Teignmouth Airshow gets off the ground

The Devon Resort of Teignmouth will host its first airshow this weekend, after years of fundraising by a small but dedicated team of volunteers from the local area.

The area is not unfamiliar with air shows, the neigbourghing town of Dawlish, became famous for its family friendly, well organised and fantastic shows, which sadly came to an end in 2015. Seeing the appeal, interest and benefit the event brought to the town, Teignmouth stepped up to the fore to bring a similar event just around the corner to help support the local economy and promote tourism.

The Blades Aerobatics Team – Image The Blades

After months of fundraising events, donations, planning and many hours of work, Saturday 6th July 2019 will see a small, but punchy display with a variety of types take to the skies above the Teignmouth Sea Front. The event officially opens at 1200 with the first flying display from the world renound Blades Aerobatics Team opening the show at 1300. Flying 4 Extra 300’s in the hands of former RAF Red Arrows pilots, it is certainly a display of graceful formation, mixed with exicting aerobatics and singleton performances.

Corinne Dennis and ‘Tarquin’ her home built Pitts Special S1S. Image: TwirlyBatics

Following the Blades there will be a break for , allowing visitors to enjoy the seaside, ground activities and events, before Southwest local Corinne Dennis arrives in ‘Tarquin’ her home built Pitts Special S-1S. Coirinne is the second of 2 female pilots taking part in the Display, with Kirsty Murphy, Blade 2 being the first, promoting females in Science Technology and Maths (STEM). Corinne built her Pitts Special in 1996 herself and has been a labour of love ever since. She was born and raised in Cornwall, where she still resides and flies from Bodmin airfield.

G-OLEG – YAK 3U – Image ClassicWarbirdDisplays.co.uk Richard Paver

Moving on at 1530 Will Greenwood will arrive to show the lesser seen YAK3U, the Russian wartime equivalent of the Spitfire. Resplendent in the markings of the aircraft flown by Sqn Leader Louis Delfino CO of the Normandie-Niemen Free French Squadron in October 1944. G-OLEG is powered by an Allison V-1710 engine as there is currently no single working original Klimov engine available that powered the aircraft during the 1940’s.

Typhoon FGR4 – Image: RAF Crown Copyright

Then the pace picks up in terms of both speed and noise, as we welcome the powerful and formidable Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4. This brings us right upto date in terms of modern aviation, with Royal Air Force’s multi role Fighter and Ground Attack aircraft. Flown for the second year in a row by Flight Lieutenant Jim Peterson, his display demonstrates the agility of the modern fast jet, showing speed, precision and power. Be warned this Supersonic jet is powered by 2 EJ200 jet engines, delivering over 40,000lbs of thrust with afterburner, meaning the jet can reach Mach 1.5 at 35,000 feet in just over 2 minutes from takeoff!

RAF BBMF Hurricane MkIIc PZ865 – Image: J Biggadike

Rounding off the display we go back to the RAF’s wartime history with a predecessor of the Typhoon, but an aircraft that was a huge technological advance at the time, with the Hawker Hurricane MkIIc, from the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. We had planned for a Spitfire, however changes and serviceability with the BBMF aircraft have seen this welcome change! PZ865 is known as ‘The Last of the Few’ the very last Hurricane of 14583 to be built. Today she will be flown by Group Captain Mark Flewin, the Station Commander of RAF Coningsby.

With more to see and do into the night on the ground, including live bands in the Den, there will be plenty to keep everyone occupied. Remember this has been funded solely through donations, fundraising and sponsorship, so if you can dig deep and help support the event for 2020!

Further information available on www.teignmouthairshow.co.uk and on their Facebook page.