The Victory Show – Cosby – Fly In Participants


Welcome to the Fly-In PPR Page for the 2018 Victory Show. Please read through the Airfield Operations (Flying Orders) below, before completing the booking section at the bottom of the page.  All Fly ins are strictly by PPR and other aircraft will not be accepted unless they are booked in and approved by the Airfield Operator.




General. Cosby is an unlicensed temporary airfield, located to the West of the village of Cosby and South of the village of Littlethorpe in Leicestershire.  The airfield is solely used for the Victory Day event and all operations are strictly by PPR.  The Airfield Owner and Operator is Steve Pepper. The airfield is roughly orientated North to South, with a single grass runway.

Foxlands Farm is located  0.6nm North West of Cosby, 0.6 miles South West of Littlethorpe and 1.3nm East of Croft, Leicestershire. The airfield is an all grass field with a grass length of 3-4 inches. Patches of grass may be thinner in some areas, with a clay base beneath. The airfield will become boggy and slippery when wet.

Cosby has a single grass runway orientated roughly North / South. The runway is approximately 1100m long and 20m wide in its entirety, with the Northern end being slightly inclined on the first 300m facing south and is on slightly softer ground. The Northern Runway (01) is roughly aligned to 010°and Southern Runway (19) 190°.

There is an internal access/egress route in the undershoot to the Northern end of the runway, with a marshalling team to stop vehicle crossing during take offs and landings and during display. They are linked to the Air Ground Operator by Radio.

The Southern end of the runway is on harder ground and is bordered by a 6 foot hedge to the east and tall trees in the undershoot. Extreme care must be taken when using the Southern runway for landings. There is also a public road in the undershoot, which is subject to active traffic management.

Technical Support. Fuel is not available at Cosby, the nearest refuelling location is Leicester Airport 0116 2592360 or There are no engineering facilities available at Cosby.

Fire and Rescue Cover. There are dedicated airfield firefighting vehicles present providing a CAT2 capability  (with  Cat3 in remission). Fire vehicles are located on the airfield with a mobile Fire Station present. All Firefighters are EMT qualified, however additional medical services are also located on site.


Air Ground Service. Cosby Radio will operate an air ground service on 130.675MHz with the Call Sign Cosby Radio. They are contactable also on X TBC X and in advance by e-mail via

All movements are subject to Prior Permission Required. All visiting aircraft not flying as part of the display must check in at the Air Ground Position,  prior to departing their originating departure point. PPR can be obtained through the Air Ground Operator. The airfield is on private land and during the event 24hr security is on site.

Opening Hours. The Airfield is daytime operations only, arrivals and departures are not permitted in the hours of darkness. Visiting Aircraft must arrive prior to the commencement of the flying display and will not be permitted to depart until the display has ceased, without the permission of the Flying Display Director.



PPR  and Essential for First Visit. All flying machines welcome at pilot’s own risk. Training flights are strictly forbidden. Model ACFT flying and drone flights will take place, however will be curtailed for aircraft movements. All visiting aircraft must book each flight in and out. Ample parking and Pilot camping space is available on the airfield.

Hours of Operation. Foxlands Farm is a Daytime only aerodrome, there is no lighting on the airfield. The last movements will be no later than Sunset +30mins and no earlier than 0900hrs. Aircraft for fly in must arrive before 1200 L and Departures will not be permitted until the flying display has ceased.

Air Traffic Procedures. Cosby Radio will operate on 130.675 MHz for the duration of opening hours and will provide an Air Ground Service only.

All aircraft captains should aim to arrive at the time allocated to them by Air Traffic as part of their PPR confirmation. All aircraft should contact Cosby Radio when in range (10nm) and await further instruction. There will be peak times of operation on the airfield and it may be necessary to stop other activity prior to your arrival.

Engine Starts. All aircraft must call for a ‘Start’ permission prior to starting engines, to avoid any incidents. Non-Standard Departures are not permitted at this aerodrome. All departures will be straight-out and general circuit flying is not permitted

Arrivals. Fly In aircraft are permitted only for standard joins to the circuit at 1000ft on the Airfield QFE.

Circuit for Arrival. The standard circuit for Fox lands Farm will be 19 left hand and 01 Right Hand (East of the Airfield). Aircraft should position to join on the dead side and obtain permission from Cosby Radio. Circuit height for Foxlands Farm is 1000ft on the QFE.

Go Arounds. In the event of an unsuccessful approach, pilots are to go around and fly the circuit to make a further approach. If you do not believe your approach is working correctly, please make an early decision to go around.

Departures. All aircraft shall depart straight out using a standard departure profile.  ‘Show boating and unauthorised manoeuvres are strictly forbidden’.

Vehicle Movements. Vehicles will operate on the airfield including Heavy Military vehicles and Armoured vehicles. All vehicle movements will be controlled through the Event Safety Officer, Air Traffic Services or the FDD where possible, however Pilots are to keep a good look out when taxying. All operational vehicles will be fitted with Orange beacons. Only vehicles approved by the Event Organiser and/or Air Traffic are permitted onto the airfield.

Personnel & Safety. Only Personnel involved in the operation of the airfield and pilots of the aircraft shall be permitted ‘airside’. During Displays this will be limited to ‘Essential Personnel’ only, crews of visiting ‘Fly In’ aircraft shall not be permitted to return to their aircraft, without the permission of the Flying Display Director. Crews of these aircraft are to check in with the FDD at the ATC position prior to accessing the airfield. All personnel who are Airside (including visiting crews and passengers)  shall be in possession of and wear High Visibility Jackets or Tabards. Ear Defenders are also advised.

Aircrew Competency. Cosby is a small and tight farm strip, which is surrounded by hedges and trees. It is essential that all pilots operating from the airfield are both experienced and competent with Grass Runway operations and have experience of operating from Farm strips. The Runway is maintained solely for the Victory Show event and whilst every step is taken to ensure the quality of the surface, grass thickness and spread will vary.

 Fuel. Refuelling on the airfield is not permitted. The nearest fuel supply is located at Leicester Airport.

Marshals. All visiting aircraft not participating in the flying display will be marshalled into their designated parking position, please do not attempt to park without a marshal.

Surface. All grass areas on the airfield may be used for taxying, however please be aware that there may be parts of ground that are uneven. Due to the small size of the airfield, minimum power required for taxy is to be used. Also when taxying near to public areas please be aware of the effects of prop or rotor wash on the public and infrastructure.

Chocks and Tie Down. The organisers of the event require all operators to ensure that they have sufficient and appropriate tie down equipment to secure their aircraft in the event of poor weather. The Organiser does not hold any tie down equipment.

Please avoid overflight of the surrounding built up where possible.

Airfield HAZARDS

Hedges. The airfield is surrounded by hedging particularly on the Southern end, this includes the undershoot and the eastern side of the field. Please note trees are also present in the undershoot.

Fencing. A fence separating the spectators and the airfield is present to 4 ft in height.

For Other Hazards please see the Airfield Chart below: